New Single: "Did You Ever Know," featuring Abi Ray

Today I'm announcing my next single and first collaboration with Abi Ray, a talented young singer-songwriter from Lakeland, Florida who is also the first solo artist to sign a recording contract with my good friends at Electric Media Group (EMG). The song is called, "Did You Ever Know" and I do something on this I've never done with a published work before, I sing! It's a short but cool vocal that repeats a few times in the song and although I never started writing the song with the intention of singing on it, I also never ever want to limit my music, especially when something unexpected happens! As far as my rap flow on the song, I come with a passionate and poetic style that I think people will enjoy and maybe even be surprised by.

Abi Ray has a powerful voice and her pitch is amazing! I expect people to be impressed by her performance on the chorus of this song but as someone who has had a behind the scenes sneak peek of her new [and first] full length album, I can tell you that as incredible as her voice is on our song, you are only catching a small glimpse of what this artist can do! I am told that EMG will be announcing the release of her album early 2018.

I must also thank and give credit to the producer of the actual music in the song, owner and lead engineer of Electric Media Group, Kenny Evans. Kenny lays down some funky guitar and smooth but hard-hitting drums in this production and it really did provide the perfect canvass for both Abi and myself to paint over. Kenny also recorded and mixed the song at EMG Studios in Lakeland, Florida.

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  • Julie Davis
    Julie Davis High Springs, Florida
    Awesome!!! Love this!!!!

    Awesome!!! Love this!!!!

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