Flow Space 2 Year Anniversary

Flow Space, 117 NW 16th Ave, Gainesville

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1976087942401259

Set Time: 8:25-8:50pm (Marley The Messenger & DJ Robzilla)

Full Description:

Flow Space is turning 2!! We wouldn't be what we are without YOU, Gainesville fam. So, in celebration, we've planned a free, jam-packed day of fun for our flavorite community. Come and go as you please to feast your senses on the plethora of movement art classes and performances, live music, food, drank, and art installations! All ages are encouraged to join this all-day-and-night extravaganza. We invite you to bring YOUR unique offerings, gifts, and oddities to enhance the experience. Local craft beer available with novelty Flow Space cups on site.


2:30-4pm Kickoff Yoga & Sound Healing with Instructor Maggie Rose, Handpan with Corwin Klein, Cello with John David Eriksen, and Singing Bowls with Ambrosia De La Esperilla! 4:30-5pm ~ Intro to Acro Yoga 4:30-5:30pm ~ Acro JAM!

PETTING ZOO: During the day with Whiteacre's Dairy Goats!


~INDOOR STAGE~ MC: Nomes (Naomi Langley) 5:45-6:45pm ` The Mother Ruckers (Maggie Rucker, Janet Rucker, & Ben Grier) 7:00-8:00pm - Flint Blade 8:30-9:30pm - Captive Eddies 10-11pm - Locochino

~ OUTDOOR STAGE ~ Tyler Hale's VARIETY SHOW: 4:15-4:40pm - MC Tyler's Opening Skit 4:40-5:05pm - Sweet Irene Baritone Ukelele 5:10-5:25pm - Naomi Langley Interactive Freestyle 5:30-5:55pm - Tristan James Harvey HipHop 5:55-6:10pm - MC Tyler's Skit 6:10-6:35pm - Caitlyn Vinci Ukelele/Banjo 6:40-6:50pm - Eric Lowridah Baez Juggling 6:55-7:15pm - Corwin Klein Handpan 7:20-7:35pm - Caty Macfarlane Belly Dance 7:35-7:50pm - MC Tyler's Skit 7:50-8:05pm - Mahadev Robert Sean Ferry Guitar 8:10-8:20pm - Aye Jay Staff 8:25-8:50pm - Marley The Messenger & DJ Robzilla 8:55-9:10pm - Sebby YoYo & Comedy 9:10-9:25pm - MC Tyler's Skit 9:25-9:50pm - William Robert Bethea & Ricky Cagno of Whale Feral 10pm - Fire Spinning Circle opens

SILENT DISCO: Late night~Get ready! Losa Fólk Holden Howard Nick Natural More TBA

VENDORS: Soul Spice LLC (Tacos) Bobby Foxx (Jewelry/Art) Future Music Makers Wellspring Kombucha First Magnitude Brewing Company Kristen Crisp (Cacao) Wanna vend? Hit us up!

PRODUCTION: AY Production Jeremy French Lucid Nightlife

ART/INSTALLATIONS: The Zensory Experience Nimbus Labs Eclectic Electric Deep Sea Creature Orphic Visionary CrossFit / Jah Seck Carrie Martinez Ambrosia De La Esperilla

VOLUNTEERS: Reach out to us if you'd like to help out! We need action-hippies to make things go down smoooooth. Free yoga passes in it for you!

PARKING: Carpool/walk/bike/park down the road. Our parking lot is itty bitty and will be used primarily for artists and staff.

KIDS: All ages welcome!

We have a whole sauce world ready to deliver to you babein' creatures. Come as a participant rather than a spectator and we promise you one simmerin' swizzlin' stir of a good time~ 😜#LetsGetZesty