Album: Single
Release Year: 2014
Artist: Marley The Messenger
Produced by: JP Stackz
Mixed by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios
Mastered by: Gerry King



Don’t talk if the mic ain’t way up.
Never speak if my voice ain’t loud.
Roll up in that boomin system.
Always had that blatant sound.
Every vocal enormous.
I’ll flaunt it.
Beats thunderous.
Ring through the crowd.
Proud of my bluntness.
Bowed up and I won’t back down.
Outrageous, forceful and flagrant.
It’s that dominant sound.
Hyped up as the bass hits real deep.
Amped up as the drum knocks loud.
Every vocal important.
Voice thunderous.
Ring through the crowd.
Proud of my bluntness.
Post up when I’m in your town.

Verse 1:

So many cities.
So many streets.
And all of these stages.
So many clubs.
And so many thugs
All of these hustlers.
So many nameless.
So many faceless.
So many voiceless.
So many struggling.
All different ages.
Too many silenced.
Many from violence.
Never had guidance.
All different races.
So many cases.
This is a crises.
Used to be giants.
Now we’re in cages.
Living in darkness.
Used to be artists.
What will this cost us?
Look at the payment.
Watch in amazement.
Seeing this treatment.
Flipp’n my mindset.
Hitting the pavement.
Telling the story.
Spreading the message.
Living the gospel.
Making a statement.
Rise in the morning.
Gotta hustle everyday.
Pushing limits every time.
Sseek the highest.
Only got one thought.
Once I hear the bass drop.
When the record meets with the stylus.
How will they divide us.
Music unites us.
Everything is cutthroat.
People need alliance.
Y'all pledge allegiance.
Follow what they teach us.
Man I can’t believe this.
Shit, it’s making me defiant.
Notice your alignment.
Notice positioning.
Notice development.
What are we planning?
Notice the media.
Notice the government.
Notice this nonsense.
And it’s expanding.
Why aren’t you standing?
Everyone rise.
Why are you waiting around?
It’s so dangerous.
And so scandalous.
And you should know this much.
Because it’s in your town.

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:

Riot for hours.
Never get tired.
Call me a monster.
Never been bothered.
Only get sharper.
Only get larger.
Only get stronger.
Born out of music.
Child of it’s message.
Man of it’s wordplay.
Now I’m a father.
Fighting for justice.
Not just survival.
Never surrender.
Never be conquered.
And it’s harder.
Ready your armor.
Life isn’t painless.
That’s what it offers.
We are voices.
We are the people.
We are the poets.
We are the authors.
I am the messenger.
Powerful harbinger.
Lord of the microphone.
Sharing the saga.
Mover and shaker.
Super producer.
Living example.
More than a talker.

While so many chill up in the club or at the beach, Im in the studio.
Working till I’m breathless.
We play MPCs and throw down over 3 piece kits.
Live band and it just don’t quit.
The DJ always comes equipped.
You’d better come to grips.
Before we’re done with this.
I’ve got a brand new sound you don't wanna miss.
This ain’t an ego trip but we about to dip.
You’d better recommit.
Make your mind up quick.
Turn the mic up loud.
I want the drums thick.
I want a fat bass.
I want some hot keys.
I wanna dope beat from the beat pimp.
We’ve gotta move now.
It’s time to roll out.
Don’t hold out.
Don’t hold back.
I ain’t turning down.
I ain’t shutting off.
I ain’t slowin down but y’all know that.

Chorus x 1

©2014 Marley Montano Productions