Alexander Camelton is a character created and voiced by Marley The Messenger. The rapping camel appears on "Spread Kindness (Not Germs)," a children's video series developed by Arts for Learning, The Virginia Affiliate of Young Audiences in order to help children cope with COVID-19. The series uses puppets and music to equip children to deal with the effects of the pandemic and the emotions it evokes.

Arts for Learning Virginia is the leading provider of quality arts-in-education programming in Virginia. They offer an array of arts performances and workshops grounded in the core curriculum, residencies for children of all ages, and professional development in arts-integration techniques that improve students’ literacy skills, motivation to read, and ability to learn.

"Spread Kindness (Not Germs)" episodes and music videos are now available. The music videos come with complete, age-appropriate lesson plans and a lyric book so students can sing along with the tunes. Contact Arts for Learning Virginia about access for your school or district!

Click Here to view episodes from Season 1 of Spread Kindess (Not Germs).

*Listen to original [Alexander Camelton] songs written, produced and performed by Marley The Messenger by using the music player located directly below.