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R.I.S.E. (Realizations in Self-Exploration) feat. DJ Robzilla

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Album: Master of The Universe
Release Year: 2016
Artist: Marley The Messenger
Turntablism by: DJ Robzilla
Produced by: Marley Montano
Mixed by: Gerry King & Marley Montano
Mastered by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios



R.I.S.E. x 8

Verse 1:

Start with a question.
Which way to move.
The direction.
Certain ones have my affection.
My selection depends on the mood.
And the groove.
Plus I’ve got to feel to feel connection.
My collection of memories.
And my history.
Only giving the motivation to explore.
Search for more.
Evaluate the whole situation.
I’ve got days in.
I’ve got nights on.
On a mission too.
And it’s lifelong.
Play the fight song.
Take the gloves off.
Only hard knocks.
Never come soft.
While they’re running off.
I’ll be running up.
I’ll be throwing down.
I’d don’t need luck.
Never just strut.
Got the skill set.
Hear the truth speak.
Face a real threat.
This is real life.
In actuality.
While everybody fronts.
To mask reality.
I use my energy to find harmony.
In search of mastery.
I’m at it constantly.
Speaking honestly.
Sharing openly.
I bet you wanna do the same.
You should roll with me.
On the road to be.
On a path to success.
Only great success.
I won’t settle for less.

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:

Tell the DJ cut it.
Cuz life cost money and your skills are your budget.
Some will never invest.
Struggle just to get by.
And feel constantly stressed.
What’s the quality of life if you never take control of your soul?
Of your mind?
Or your body?
What’s left?
Just a whole lot of daydreams.
Until that moment of death.
Never at rest.
Even when I stop.
Some might never look.
But I always watch.
And I see the game.
Noticing my position.
I gain advantage points.
Now I’m on a mission.
You can share the vision.
Or share your criticism.
I could care less.
I flow to cosmic rhythms.
These are my compositions.
I need the competition.
Hear I find the greatest wisdom.
In my daily living.
As I analyze.
And philosophize.
Well equipped to improvise.
Always rise to the occasion.
Never feat a challenge just because of expectations.
My motivation is cultivation.
This is respiration.
Breath with me.
And prepare to expand.
There’s a powerful force.
And it’s yours to command.

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:

Don’t quit where you stopped last.
Push a little harder.
Go farther.
Let the thought pass.
Once you reach new peaks.
New streets.
New cities.
New worlds will unfold.
I’ve felt the heat.
We can leap forward.
And advance man.
Re can rewrite and enhance plans.
We can span lands.
Or command hands.
We can fuss and fight.
Or even battle with fam.
I’ll keep my time productive.
This is the principle and code that I must live.
Quite fulfilling in fact.
When life is ten percent what happens.
Ninety, how you react.
So don’t be mindless.
Or careless.
Always search for ways you can raise self-awareness.
Watch your actions.
And your habits.
You can elevate this through hard work.
And practice.
Stop the madness.
Start the process.
You can sense and feel the progress.
Seize the moment.
Give it attention.
Without the mind is only a prison that you live in.
And now you’re getting old.
For most the only key is something that they hold.
It’s time to dig deep.
It’s time to realize.
It’s time to to wake up.
Stand up my people.
And rise.

Chorus x 2

© 2016 Marley Montano Productions