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Life In The Future

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Album: Master of The Universe
Release Year: 2016
Artist: Marley The Messenger
Produced by: Marley Montano
Mixed by: Gerry King & Marley Montano
Mastered by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios



Welcome to a world where everyday there's something newer.
Artificial visions.
Simulated for the viewer.
Alternate Realities.
Virtual maneuvers.
Augmented intelligence.
Life in the future.
Innovating everyday.
Powerful producers.
Leaders of the industry.
Consciousness movers.
Knowledge brings you power all dependent on the user.
Parallel dimensional.
Life in the future.

Verse 1:

Welcome to a day and age where most exchange is digital.
Instant information.
From the relevant to trivial.
What once we all considered to be mystical.
And mythical.
And fictional.
Is visible.
And physical.
They give to you.
Options now exist for superhuman capabilities.
Many had predicted we transcend our own biology.
Human evolution would arrive at this eventually.
And it was just a matter of unlocking the technology.
This is our society.
A comedy.
A tragedy.
A mystery.
Where some have lost identity.
Consuming products desperately.
Strengthening dependency.
Unsure of life expectancy.
But fear is a commodity.
They sell it to you constantly.
It's hard to stay engaged.
And distinguishing reality gets tougher everyday.
While fixated on the images of what you could possess.
Then possessed.
Even haunted.
Still impressed.

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:

Customized experience.
Taste & preference options.
Positive and negative.
And ready for adoption.
Way beyond the atmosphere.
Embracing this extension.
Travel space & time.
And maybe rest in one dimension.
These are our traditions.
Passed along through actions.
These are our addictions.
And we give this all our passion.
Advancements in seduction offer comfortable distraction.
But there's something bout this life that offers zero satisfaction.
Focused on tomorrow with a vision on the future.
Me against the world.
With nothing promised to pursuers.
Governed by technology.
Freedoms growing fewer.
Headed towards destruction.
Though for some it's coming sooner.
Heated by the propaganda.
Angry at accusers.
Drunken state of fascination.
Self-hypnotic stupor.
Slave to these obsessions.
And oppression by abusers.
Some of them are wireless.
Invisible intruders.

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:

I don't want to loose ya.
Never let this fool ya.
Question where your focus is.
Control and be the ruler.
Living in the future means absent in the moment.
Your mental presence and attention are the key components.
Fears and other fantasies of thought will only cost your life.
So take a look around.
And see the truth.
Before you sacrifice.
So much potential.
But you'll never make a difference.
If you fail to recognize your true existence.

©2016 Marley Montano Productions