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Did You Ever Know feat. Abi Ray

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Album: Single
Release Year: 2017
Artist(s): Marley The Messenger & Abi Ray
Produced by: Kenny Evans, Electric Media Group (EMG)
Mixed by: Kenny Evans
Mastered by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios


Bridge [Marley]:

Did you ever know that you’re the one that got away?
I still remember all the things I thought I ought to say.
I tried to tell you.
For some reason, kept it locked away.
I can’t forget it, cuz it feels like it was yesterday.
I want to tell you that I really think you’re wonderful.
You take the darkest days and turn them into colorful.
Did you ever know I think about cha everyday.
And if I had ya back, I’d never let it slip away.

Verse 1 [Marley]:

It’s been a long time.
When I look back, get sent back to a time when I can’t believe who I was.
This love makes it hard to get a grip on what it does.
When you feel a new rush like this you must act.
In fact, take action at once.
I know I need to practice it myself.
Been at this months.
Reminiscing of you.
Always comes up at the least expected time.
There you are in my mind.
I rewind and I find you were mine and in reach.
And so close but I slipped up and I missed out.
Now I can’t sleep.
And in so deep.How deep?
Deeper than Atlantis.
So deep that all signs of daylight have vanished.
As deep as the painter can see in the canvass.
Tell me, what were the chances that all of the planets could each have aligned and configured to create this world where we could make these advances?
I’m thinking, we couldn’t have planned this.
But now all these seeds that we’ve planted have grown into things that just need to be managed.
And I know that there’s damage but my mind has expanded.
If there’s any part of you that feels the same then I hope that you won’t leave these feelings abandoned.

Chorus [Abi]:

I know what you’re sayin, boy.
I hope you ain’t playin, boy.
And you want me to believe it’s enough.
We’ll be fine if we’ve got love.
If your heart can groove to me, you need to prove to me.
Gotta stay on the right track if you want me back.

Bridge x 1

Verse 2 [Marley]:

If I’m keeping it totally honest.
I was foolish and way too cautious.
You were beautiful; And wonderful; And marvelous.
I was lost in my own thought process.
Is it too late to work my hardest?
I think together we could make it through the darkness.
It’s a cold, cruel world, full of hardships.
You and I always smiled through regardless.
Now I’m laughing out loud.
But I’m crying inside.
And I’m dying each day that we don’t speak.
And it’s so hard to bare.
I know life ain’t fair but I can’t ignore the sound of my heartbeat.
Heard god speak when I held you close.
Now you ain’t in arms reach and it’s all bleak.
Damn I really had to fall deep.
It’s a hard leap in the dark streets.
Now you know why my guitar weeps gently.
And a little bit tipsy, so if I get upset a little too quickly then please forgive me.
Keep it close with me.
Gotta have your love strictly, even if it seems risky.
Your energy lifts me.
Lights my infinity.
Pledge my life willingly.
You just have that ability, which is why this whole situation is killing me.
Incredibly, these soliloquies, spoken over instrumental symphonies;
Well, they’re far more than just poetry.
I wrote each melody vividly.
For us, more than just memories.
So, get it right.
Learn your history.
Our story is one of destiny with you next to me.

Chorus x 1

Chorus with Bridge

©2017 Marley Montano Productions