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Interconnectivity feat. DJ Robzilla

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Album: Master of The Universe
Release Year: 2016
Artists: Marley The Messenger
Turntablism by: DJ Robzilla
Produced by: Marley Montano
Mixed by: Gerry King & Marley Montano
Mastered by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios


Verse 1:

A young playa.
Playin the game.
Doin his thing.
Several languages were part of his slang.
Never ashamed.
His fame had exceeded his reach.
Most of the time he would get recognized without any speech.
Always the beach.
Hittin the club.
Dressed for the show.
Never focused on the moment.
Always ready to go.
Only slow if he didn’t see a pay off.
Hardly working.
Always chillin out.
Takes the day off.
Laid off.
Just another day he would celebrate.
Kicking it in G’ville.
Ready to just elevate.
Plus he got another date.
This one was American.
Didn’t speak his language and she thought it was embarrassing.
Always a comparison.
This girl was a ten.
Once she had his child though, he started to give in.
He couldn’t keep himself still enough to do the job.
He treated her like shit.
And she prayed for help from god.
He was just a child too.
Very unprepared.
No excuse at all for him never to be there.
It was fun and games for him.
Years passed by.
Many women came and went.
Others caught his eye.
Now he’s knows he’ll die soon.
Parties are all over.
Searching for his children.
Wanting to live sober.
Every one is closer.
But couldn’t be further apart.
A lot of people feeling torn and hurt.
Left suffering.
With pain in their hearts.

Verse 2:

From the start she bold.
Well versed in rhetoric.
Confident and cold.
Actor with great etiquette.
Hustler controlled.
Always pleased the crowd.
But never did what she was told.
Arrogant enough to where her lies on her sleeve.
Ask to shake your hand.
Now she’s ready to deceive.
Laughing with her friends.
As she hurts the ones she loves.
Lying to herself.
So she doesn’t have to judge.
Rarely in the club.
Mostly shopping.
Eating food.
Distraction and attractions.
Any vise to set the mood.
Now she’s feeling sick.
Others suffer from infection.
Very unassuming.
Now there’s some that need protection.
So many directions.
Communities affected.
Developments and changes.
Everyone connected.
Each of them impacted.
None of them exempt.
It’s hard to face the truth.
Fear of what it represents.
For a life that’s comfortable living.
Lots of rest.
No rest for the wicked.
And I’m sure you can attest.
Now she counts her breath.
Never holding them too long.
Knowing their declining.
Growing weaker.
Something’s wrong.
One day the chance is gone.
Regardless of whose minds change.
Every second precious to us.
Never knowing time frames.
Maybe in her lifespan, something will inspire a change.
But for now it’s awkward conversations.
Quiet stares.
And just waiting in vain.

Verse 3:

Every move that they made.
Every conversation relevant.
Achievement delayed.
When they swayed.
Or faltered.
It equaled pain & suffering.
And victims assaulted.
Never obvious or visible.
But felt in the heart of the beholder.
As the pain became physical.
Feeling pitiful.
And wondering why.
As it all became the burdens you could see in their eyes.
Never die.
Only transferable.
Creation and destruction.
Each universal principles.
Now the minimal is never enough.
And since it’s hard to speak the truth, It’s rarely ever discussed.
Dust to dust.
Must we simply blow away.
I’ve tried to fight the feeling.
I’ll admit it.
It won’t go away.
It’s the imminence.
Maybe there’s some benefits.
Is this my salvation.
I’ve been waiting for deliverance.
Until the end of this, suffering comes.
Identify all these associations.
Total the sum.
Individually, I’ve counted each act.
It’s balanced.
Though untimely.
And the numbers distract.
Know the facts.
People make impressions.
Children learn these lessons.
Some assemble weapons.
I make suggestions.
Though many people criticize.
I’m searching for enlightenment.
It’s something we must recognize.


Everything connected.
Everyone affected.
Every single word.
And the choices you’ve selected.
People you’ve protected.
Thoughts that you’ve projected.
Shit that you’ve neglected.
Listen to the message.
Everything affected.
More than you expected.
Every single thought.
Even thoughts you’ve rejected.
People you’ve protected.
Feelings you’ve projected.
Time that you’ve invested.
All of us connected.

©2016 Marley Montano Productions