1. Lost In Space

From the recording Master of The Universe

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Lost In Space

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Album: Master of The Universe
Release Year: 2016
Artist: Marley The Messenger
Beatboxing: DJ Robzilla
Produced by: Marley Montano
Mixed by: Gerry King & Marley Montano
Mastered by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios


Standing in my studio.
The world is my studio.
Searching through my soul.
I question, what is there I truly know.
People I don't understand.
Saying things I don't respect.
Even though they talk a lot.
Ain't said shit yet.
I don't want to know regret.
Live life with any debt.
Plus I already face so many different threats.
Some of this is indirect.
Whatever position in the universe, we all connect.
Damn, so many disrespect.
And neglect.
But still expect to prosper.
To elevate.
So much is out of check.
Haven't we evolved yet.
What are we evolved with.
Are we just to spectate?
Some of us are targets.
Economies and markets.
And profits and margins are problems.
Still I hear a voice that's calling.
Out from a distance.
What is the this resistance?
Could it be my soul's life's purpose of existence.
I've traveled far and wide.
And just when hope would seem my journey was concluding.
Learn it's endless.
I don't know if I've imagined most of what I fear.
Regardless if I recognize the source, not sure it makes a difference.
Searching for resemblance.
Suffer in remembrance.
Thoughts become my sentence.
What is the significance.
Is this just coincidence?
Or just my experience?
Could it be my consciousness and far beyond intelligence?
In question of my innocence.
Looking at the evidence.
Losing all my confidence, then moving towards acceptance.
Once I lived in ignorance.
Then I lived in arrogance.
Then I lost my residence.
And now I live in loneliness.
Trekking through the darkness and vastness of space.
Pissed off about my life.
Like it all was a waste.
In so many environments, I felt out of place.
And even when there wasn't ground beneath my feet, somehow still seem to fall on my face.
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find home.
Discover some civilization where I don't feel alone.
My heart has hardened through my hardships.
Almost turned it to stone.
And even though that's mostly self-inflicted misery, that's something I've known.
Feeling trapped by the work I've postponed.
And even burdened, like I need to atone.
Frustrations have grown.
I question what was nucleus.
Considering my universe, the causes could be numerous.
Frequencies are furious.
Vibrational discord.
Causation seems to complicated for me to explore.
Still I find myself entangled.
So involved I can't ignore.
A slave to my perception.
And a prisoner of war.
Though I've seen the door, it takes the strength to walk through it.
All the ones I've opened are a list of my accomplishments.
Some of these were closed.
Some were never bothered with.
Most of this was apathy.
Now I face the consequence.
Now I face the truth.
Now I face the obvious.
Covering my face.
I don't want to face the populous.
Falling into emptiness.
Dropping into thoughtlessness.
Sinking into self-destruction.
Knowing what the process is.
Every time I ponder this, I question my responsiveness.
At points it felt so effortless.
Now I feel the opposite.
Now I feel directionless.
And my life is motionless.
Only growing darker as I'm welcomed into hopelessness.
Fearful of this openness.
This helplessness.
And hurtfulness.
This joylessness.
Observing all these fortuneless.
Everything so ominous.
I can't fight the anxiousness.
Drowning in this depthlessness.
Until the day I'm bodiless.