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A Thousand Words A Day

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Album: (Single) A Thousand Words A Day
Release Year: 2018
Artist: Marley The Messenger
Produced by: Kenny Evans, Electric Media Group (EMG)
Mixed by: Kenny Evans
Mastered by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios


Verse 1:

Could never pay your greatest fully.
And really I hate this.
But truly, I must be gracious.
And take this opportunity to display this.
Oh the places that I've seen faces.
Effected by the things that you gave us.
Or maybe you spoke through me.
And this is another one of those conversations.
Whatever the situation.
I know my motivation.


Dedicated to the greatest.
The ones who helped us create this.
Everything you had to teach us.
Look how many it reaches.
And I still come to your for guidance.
Even when it's silence.
I bow my head and start to pray.
A thousand words a day.

Verse 2:

Flipping through the pages of rhymes.
And reasons and phrases.
The bars and the walls that we put up.
And the shit that we tore down.
Across so many of these stages.
As a child I loved Hip Hop the first time I felt its vibrations.
But once I found my voice.
I found a new appreciation.
Now I see people.
They smile and the waving.
Taken completely by your spirit.
On any given occasion.
Man, I'm loosing myself in this shit too right now.
And it's always amazing.

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:

My homie Zack was the greatest.
In fact he taught me the basics.
From writing rhymes on the paper.
To freestyle rap demonstration.
Show me the way of the mic.
But the microphone couldn't save him.
I wish that he was still living.
I wish that I could just thank him.
I keep his picture close with me.
Take it to every location.
A thousand words flow right through me.
When I look down and I face him.
I do it right before I rhyme.
Right before I speak my mind.
Really how I spend my time.
It's all done in dedication.

Chorus x 2

Verse 4:

Never forget.
Never neglect.
Pay my respects.
As I reflect.
I take your picture out.
I feel the effects.
Get it correct.
My brethren Zack-
Also known as honor-
Is the reason for my mindset.