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Album: Single
Release Year: 2013
Artist: Marley The Messenger
Cuts By: DJ Robzilla
Produced by: Marley Montano
Mixed by: Gerry King & Marley Montano
Mastered by: Gerry King, Skylab Recording Studios



Many people criticize.
They don't understand music and their minds aren't free.
But still.
Many people criticize.
Many people criticize.
Many people criticize.
They don't understand music and their minds aren't free.
But still.
Many people criticize.
Many people criticize.

Verse 1:

In '88 Akai launched the first MPC.
I was seven years old.
Just a young mc.
Nine years after Roger Linn designed the first.
And Sugar Hill Gang's, "Rappers Delight" first hit earth.
Instantly, it changed the way musicians look at a song.
But some people hated what it was.
And claimed it was wrong.
They said, you've got to have a drummer, keys and bassist to play.
And without these people present, we've got nothing to say.
Now, hey.
I wouldn't turn away the right musicians.
But sometimes it's like the beat machine is the only one who even listens.
I hit the pads like a conga drum.
Loop the beat.
Add effects.
Until the song is done.
Then I pour out my heart and soul.
Share my story.
Live my destiny.
Fulfill my role.
I'm a messenger.
No matter what you might have been told.
You only need one instrument to take control.
Still I know that.

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:

They even said it's not an instrument.
Forgetting where the music comes from.
Like an innocent child.
Though an innocent child would get into it.
Forgetting who was watching.
What's important is the feeling.
Thus enjoying all the benefits.
As art was meant to be.
Imagine how our life could be.
Appreciating what we see.
And being touched.
If insecurity is what has caused us to repel, I wish you well.
If it's a spell, I hope this message wakes you up.
Chillin in the cut.
Layin down a new beat.
New emotions.
New stress.
From another long week.
A simple conversation help me find a new view.
Though it happened unexpectedly, I knew just what to do.
I threw some drums and bass together.
Added strings.
And a synth.
A layer of percussion.
Cuz it just made sense.
All at once it came together.
That's the beauty of art.
True expression I composed one day in the park.
I know it's sharp.

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:

Any way you make it happen, make it happen constantly.
By any means.
Don't always follow rules.
You see, music only comes from the heart of a person.
And the instruments we use are just the tools.
Now listen up.
Many people criticize.
Stress the way we live our lives.
Even what we wear and how we dance.
A contradiction to diversity of life.
So call me different.
And free enough to dare to take a chance.
Now music has advanced like the world the past sixty years.
Some embrace these changes.
Others run and hide in fear.
Watch me persevere.
Through the most severe.
I'll be the one left standing when the smoke has cleared.
I carry my gear in backpacks.
Fully equipped.
With controllers, samplers, microphones, a couple of clips.
A mini boom stand.
Headphones to mix.
We could lay an album down in the back of your whip.
Don't ever flip and get it twisted like I don't have love.
Or appreciation for what a guitar does.
Just understand that's only one man or woman alone.
With an MPC, the limits are quite known.
Look up DI-VI-NCI.
From Solillaquists of Sound.
If you wanna get high.
Hit up YouTube.
Or Vimeo.
Or even AKAI.
Look at what you used to know before you kiss it goodbye.
Dan The Automator.
And DJ Premiere.
J Dilla.
Pete Rock.
All the greatest careers.
Rick Ruben.
Prince Paul.
Marley Marl.
Dr. Dre.
DJ Shadow.
Scott La Rock.
Jam Master Jay.
Made music this way.
Samples re-pitched and remixed.
Rearranged and redefined.
Chopped and re-sequenced.
So when the beat kicks, remember the name.
Learn your history.
Or call someone like me to explain.

Chorus x 1

©2013 Marley Montano Productions