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As of January 2019, Marley The Messenger and Dorion James have announced that they will be performing and recording music together as an official group/duo. Their first single, "The Light" is the final record by Marley The Messenger under the Electric Media Group (EMG) record label and you can listen to and/or purchase the song by clicking the cover art/image located below this bio. You can also click here to read the lyrics to, "The Light."

Marley and Dorion have confirmed that they are also currently working on a project with Gainesville, Florida-based producer, Thomas Swanson and an official album is expected to be announced sometime in March. A full site dedicated to Marley The Messenger & Dorion James music is currently under construction but for now, please visit and share this page to stay up-to-date with shows, music, and other important announcements.

New Single: "The Light"

Available now

Photo by: Philip Marcel Photography

Photo by: Philip Marcel Photography

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